Barb’s influence as coach and teacher during a key time in my life was instrumental in development of the growth mindset that has allowed me the courage to follow passions and to set and meet audacious goals. Barb has been an excellent role model in the ongoing quest for work/life balance and in demonstrating that self-care is not selfish when it comes to parenting and partnering. One of her greatest gifts is lightening heavy situations with positivity and humor while still facing challenges head-on.
~ Steph L., Physical Therapist
I admire Barb for her ability to speak so eloquently on issues of race and equality and stand up for others, her beliefs, and what’s right, in general. Barb positively added to the discussion in the theater last night (Disgraced at the Guthrie) and the one conversation with the actors outside of it was amazing. Thank you for providing me with that experience!
~ Stacy S., Accountant