Education Consultant

beReal offers equity-focused, growth mindset space for diverse educators to discuss the challenges and successes of education while empowering the human within. As an Education Consultant, I provide large group, small group, and individual sessions for teachers and administrators to support their professional growth while honoring the individual’s mental and emotional health.  I provide a variety of professional development and coaching services listed below.

Please visit my LinkedIn profile for details on my personal education and professional experience. 

Teachers are a bridge between the circumstances the students are in and the lives the students deserve.
— Liliana Rodriguez

Learning Opportunities


Instructional Coach  

  • Comprehensively assess classroom instruction to recognize teachers' core strengths and growth challenges.

  • Collaboratively support teacher learning in the classroom by focusing on the strengths of the teacher to formulate a plan or strategy, set goals and identify the steps required to achieve the desired results.

  • Respectfully challenge the status quo of secondary mathematics instruction to promote high quality math practices and instructional decision-making to create an equitable and engaging classroom.

Mentor (Individual) 

  • Provide support to teachers with regard to their career growth and interpersonal skill development.

  • Explore instructional approaches, set development goals, develop professional relationships and identify resources.

  • Serve as an empathetic professional advisor and role model to share skills and knowledge through observations, co-teaching and/or individual reflections.

  • Inspire and build trust and confidence to make space for teachers to discuss their professional goals and concerns.



Professional Development (PD) 

Create and facilitate PD sessions that are focused on (any of the following):  

  • Data analysis

  • Formative assessments/Student Work

  • Common Assessments

  • Minnesota State Standards/Common Core Standards

  • Cooperative Learning/Group Work

  • Productive Student Discourse

  • Equity

  • Identity

  • Student Engagement

  • 5-12 Mathematics Curriculum Support

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) 

Creating, facilitating, and developing Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) focused on (any of the following): 

  • Lesson/Book Study

  • Problem-Based Learning

  • Lesson Planning

  • Engaging Student Practices

  • Mathematical Teaching and Student Practices

  • Equity and Identity Practices

  • Questioning Strategies

  • Depth of Knowledge Understanding

  • New Instructional Strategies Implementation

  • Reflection

What People Are Saying...

  • I was impressed by how quickly Barb was able to both integrate into my classroom and identify actionable items for me to address. Her suggestions all proved effective and she provided very clear guidance on how best to implement them (and what to improve on after the fact). In all aspects of the coaching sessions, Barb was positive and affirming of the things I was doing correct, which was especially encouraging and provided much needed clarity in helping me make my own self-assessments. She is a true champion of learning and a fierce advocate for the children -- I feel truly blessed to have worked with her!
    — 7th Grade Math Teacher, St. Paul, MN
  • I worked with Barb Everhart at Henry High School. As an African American woman, not once did I question their motives, intentions or heart. Their commitment to African American children was authentic and genuine. From the beginning, I knew their work was not about saving inner city kids or being the white savior. It truly was (and is) about the love of ALL kids and the intentional willingness to be vulnerable to understanding cultural nuisances of all. I learned from them what it truly means to be a culturally relevant leader.  
    — Junior High Principal, Minnetonka, MN
  • I really appreciated the individual feedback sessions Barb provided after observing a lesson in my classroom. By having a math coach to debrief with about the lesson (different from other coaches because of the math background), it felt more like a authentic peer review and we could talk more deeply about mathematical topics and practices. I also appreciated the resources Barb provided. They pushed me to be more creative as an instructor. Even my students commented on "Why didn't we do this earlier in the year. This is fun!" I truly enjoyed the professional challenges and discussions Barb provided this year.
    — Advanced Algebra Teacher, Brooklyn Center, MN
  • You have always made space for us to be more than just one thing. I am thankful that you value our teaching practices and encourage us to continue growing and give us new things to try in our classroom. Your enthusiasm for math, kids and people is extremely contagious and we appreciate it. You make me want to bring more energy to my classroom, to think about all the different needs that kids have and how to make room for all of them in our classrooms. I think you see me as a leader, although hopefully that I want to continue growing in my teaching profession. Thanks for all that you do!
    — 7th Grade Math Teacher, Anoka, MN