The best I am going to be ... TODAY!

Happy New Year!  I am coining this year my PRIME year because:

1) I turn 47 (a prime number for all my mathy peeps) and

2) I'm gonna be ME (see it... priME ;). 

As a woman, moving into my upper 40s, it is easy to self-criticize and long for the days (and body) of my younger years.  But, this, being my Prime year, I'm going to accept:

  • The setbacks of physical injuries and use the time to reflect, be patient and love myself as is.
  • The daily struggles of balancing life; be ok in the unbalance for a short time and then, regain my center.
  • Loving myself first and foremost so that I walk through the world with compassion for self and others.

Today, is the best I'm going to be... TODAY.  Tomorrow is a new day and when I enter that day, I will look forward to accepting the beauty and adventure it will provide; and it will be my best.

"We are not perfect human beings, nor do we have to pretend to be, but it is necessary for us to be the BEST version of ourselves we can be.  ~ Satsuki Shibuya"