Positive Self-Talk

As I reflect on the work I want to do with others, maintaining and living the vision of positive self-talk is still hard work.  I started beReal three weeks ago and continue to look for ways to promote and advertise my business.  I have been successful in acquiring educational contracts in school districts, but working hard to build an individual clientele. 

Three weeks ago I added a new member to my family, Lena.  She is a beautiful, active, smart and loving dog.  We have found each other in this crazy world and now we are trying to grow together.  When I am faced with challenges in my life, I try to remember the words of Jerry Gillis, “Stop asking what time it is and start asking what this time is for.”  It is challenging owning a dog.  Of course, I added it to my life while trying to raise teenagers and start a business. 

I recently started running again.  Lena was an intentional addition to support me in my running activity.  However, she is untrained.  Therefore, going for a run can be frustrating, when it is supposed to be energizing.  I spent the first three miles thinking, “Why am I doing this?”  My knees hurt from gravity, my hips ached from the running leash position around my waist and my arms hurt from pulling Lena away from her new potential friends (like ducks and squirrels).  I almost called my daughter to pick me up. 

During mile three, I continued to walk and check in with my mind and body.  Because of an injury last fall, I am very conscious of what my body wants/needs.  I have stopped the voice of “you need to gut it out and finish” and am trying to listen to “Just because the first three miles didn’t go well, there is an opportunity with the last two miles.” And it worked.  My body stopped hurting and Lena was cooperative as I ran the last two miles.  Success!!!

“I was caught between who they told me I was and who I truly am.  I am making my way from one to the other. And the way is called brave.”  ~ S.C Lourie